Black and White Toys Can Help Improve Your Baby’s Vision


When it comes to picking toys out for babies, there are toys that are available not only for a baby to have fun with, but also to aid in their development. One type of toy that are of benefit and pleasure to babies especially newborns are black and white toys. When babies are first born their eyes are not fully matured just yet. This means they cannot focus on colors as well just yet. However toys that have a stark contrast such as black and white toys help with eye development. Black and white toys also help babies to improve their eye focus skills. Black and white toys are also very high contrast objects. High contrast colors are the first colors that a baby are able to focus on when their eyesight begins to mature. The visual stimulation that is created when the baby looks at black and white toys also helps to stimulate brain growth. Babies’ brains develop at a fast rate, and when aided by visual stimuli it ensures proper growth and maturity of the visual part of the brain.

Black and white colors not only help to improve baby’s eyesight and improve brain function, but they also attract, captivate and hold their attention. To achieve the best benefits of using black and white toys there are several things that a parent and/or caregiver can do. One way is to use black and white décor in the nursery in the form of striped bedding and black and white pictures. Black and white wallpaper and toys such as teddy bears and blocks are also beneficial. This can help, especially when the baby is awake in their crib or bassinette, their vision can be stimulated. Books that have black and white pictures as well as rattles that are black and white are also of great use.

These are just a few simple ways that parents and caregivers can play with babies yet increase brain and visual development.

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  • Dan Canfield
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