Sufficient Hydration


When a woman learns that she is pregnant, one of the most important things that she should do is keep herself hydrated. Staying well hydrated during pregnancy, helps both mom and unborn baby to stay healthy and comfortable. During pregnancy, a woman should aim to drink about eleven – 8 ounce glasses of fluids per day. This amount should be mostly water. However other fluids such as tea, and milk can be counted as essential hydrating fluids. Beverages such as sodas, colas, and coffee however should be consumed very lightly or not at all.

Proper hydration, especially in the form of water is essential due to the fact that a pregnant mother’s blood volume doubles. The blood volume of a pregnant mother has to double to accommodate the growing fetus, placenta, and amniotic fluid. Proper hydration also keeps the pregnant woman’s organ systems to function correctly. Due to the fluctuating hormones and growing uterus, a pregnant woman will typically experience nausea, morning sickness, even constipation and hemorrhoids.   Drinking enough fluids can help minimize common pregnancy symptoms and alleviate discomforts such as constipation.   Keeping hydrated also can help eliminate the risk of developing kidney and bladder infections and help to reduce swelling caused by pregnancy. Keeping hydrated also helps to keep growing and stretching skin nourished and supple. This helps to prevent stretch marks, and dried, cracked skin. Oily skin, and hair as well as dry hair is also helped along by good water consumption.

Lastly, the baby also greatly benefits from when mom drinks plenty of fluids. Fluids help carry nourishment to the growing baby. Drinking good amounts of water help also to maintain proper amniotic fluid levels. Amniotic fluid is what helps keep the baby as well as its umbilical cord protected. Proper hydration helps the mom from going into preterm labor due to dehydration.

These are just some of the reasons why proper hydration is key to a healthy pregnancy


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  • Dan Canfield
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