Infant Massage


Infant massage is a great technique for moms, dads and anyone who cares for an infant to learn. Infant massage is said to benefit infants in a myriad of ways. Anyone can do it, even the infant’s older siblings, and it does not require certification in massage.

One way that massage is of benefit to infants is that it helps to aide with stomach aches and other digestive upsets. If a baby is breastfed, they typically do not experience any stomach issues until solid foods are introduced. This is because breast milk passes through the baby’s digestive tract through ease. Sometimes, what the mother eats affects breast fed babies and can cause painful gas within them. Formula is also heavier on baby’s digestive tract, and some formulas affect babies different than other ones. Massage of the infant can help make passing bowels easier and also help relieve pain due to gas, as well as help the baby to release excess gas.

Infant massage also helps to relieve pain in infants who may be teething, and/or ill. When an infant is teething, if the one caregiving lightly massages the cheeks and ear, it can relieve gum pressure. It can help eliminate the pain without the use of medication. If an infant is ill, massage can also help to bring down fever, relieve congestion, and help with sleep. Infant massage also helps babies who are born prematurely to gain weight and develop properly.

Lastly, infant massage also helps baby to fall asleep easier. Infant massage is very soothing, and relaxing. It can help the infant fall and stay asleep. This is especially true after the infant has been given a warm bath and is relaxed. However, infant massage is a welcome treat anytime that an infant needs help relaxing.

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  • Dan Canfield
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