Several "to knows" Before Giving Birth


Pregnancy has many joys. You get to see your baby on an ultrasound. You get to feel them moving, and you get to buy all the fun baby stuff.. As your pregnancy comes to an end, you have started to worry about labor and delivery. Maybe you are worried about the pain or the potential for surgery. Well, it is normal to worry about labor and delivery. That being said, being fearful isn’t going to solve your problem. What you need before your big day is more confidence. The following advice will help you go into your labor with your chin up and your worries at bay.


It is important to understand what you are about to do. Women have been delivering babies since the beginning of time. There is nothing more natural than giving birth. Our bodies are trained to do it, so if you convince yourself of how natural the entire process is, it will help you go into the labor and delivery process with more confidence.


If you reframe the way you think about labor it can help you better deal with it. Instead of thinking about contractions as painful, think of them as a necessary part of labor. Learn to visualize them opening your cervix. Visualize them moving your baby out of your body and into you arms.

Get Support

Having the right people with you when you give birth can make a big difference. You want to pick people who will be positive and who will support you through the process. You also want to pick people who will be calm and help you remain calm through the process. You might consider having a doula with you to support you as well.

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  • Dan Canfield
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