Keeping The Romance Alive After Pregnancy


When you are single with no kids your idea of romance is pretty standard. You would get excited over flowers and candy or wine and a candle light dinner. Once parenthood sets in, your idea of romance changes considerably. Now your mate has to think outside the box in order for you to get in the mood. Here are just a few of the things that can get a new mom feeling romantic.


Taking over the dinner responsibility is one way to look good in the eyes of your spouse. If your partner comes home  with food in hand or better yet, wants to cook dinner for the whole family, that is a home run for any mom after just having a child.

Get Groceries

One of the most dreaded household chores is the grocery shopping. If your partner takes that task off your to do list, they will surely earn a few brownie points. This is especially true if they follow you list to the T!

Me Time

If your partner takes over the chores and kids to give you free time, they will definitely earn some major goodwill. Free time to take care of yourself helps you feel less like a mom and more like a woman.


Compliments always make a woman feel more romantic. It can really change your mood on a day where you are not feeling so hot. If your partner says you look good when you are running around in sweats,  they are definitely a keeper.

Bonding with the Kids

When Your partner hangs out with the kids and spends time playing with their games and toys you are sure to swoon. Sure it is part of their job to do it, but when you can see that they aren't just going through the motions, it will really make you fall in love with them more.

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  • Dan Canfield
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