3 Items You Can Put On Hold If You Are On A Budget And Expecting


When you are preparing for your baby’s arrival there are some nonnegotiable items you need no matter what. For instance, you need diapers, a new car seat, and a crib to name a few, but there are plenty of things you can put off buying altogether or wait to buy when the baby comes. If you are on a tight budget and need to save money ,put the following things on hold for now.


Buying a cradle or bassinet is nice in theory, but you can only use it for the first five months. A pack and play is a much wiser investment because it grows with your child. Plus, it serves dual functions for play and sleep. Some pack and plays even come with a bassinet feature.

Baby Cloths

Buying baby clothes is necessary, but you don’t want to buy a ton of newborn clothes. First off, you are bound to get a bunch of clothes if you have a baby shower. Second, there is a good chance that your baby won’t even fit in newborn clothes for very long. You don’t know how big your baby will be so chances are good the clothes you buy will be too big or too small. Buy a few onsies and enough pajamas to get you through the first two weeks. Then, you can shop smarter once you know your baby’s size.


When your baby is first born, they will spend the majority of the time sleeping and eating. They don’t really have any time for toys. Infants do not have developed vision, so they can’t really see toys. For the first month of life they can only see 8 to 10 inches in distance and after two months when their vision starts to strengthen and improve they will slowly become interested in toys.

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  • Dan Canfield
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