Breaking The News


You're pregnant and you are so excited you want to share the news with everyone. Hold up. How do break the news to your boss?  The following tips will help you deliver your news in a professional and responsible way.

Pick a Time

When to tell your boss depends upon your profession, the nature of your work, your relationship with your boss and your own personal preference. If the type of work you do exposes you to harmful chemicals or substances, or otherwise endanger the health of your unborn child, you will need to share your secret with your boss right away. If not, you may want to wait to share your news until your second trimester when the chance of miscarriage reduces drastically. Waiting gives you the chance to formulate a plan and prove you are a worthy employee.

Your Rights

If you work in an environment that is not family friendly, they cannot terminate you because you are pregnant. That being said, it is important to familiarize yourself with your companies maternity policies.

Make a Plan

Expect that your news may throw your boss for a loop. Craft a careful plan so that you can have an informed conversation with your boss. Make a plan on how your work will be handled while you are out on maternity leave. Tell your boss when you plan to return to work. Make sure you let your boss know that you are committed to your job and plan on returning to it postpartum.

Give Enough Notice

If you are not planning to return to work immediately after you give birth, you need to give your boss the heads up. If you want to return to your job at some point, you need to make a detailed plan that everyone agrees to.

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  • Dan Canfield
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