Eating What??


The human placenta doesn’t sound appetizing to anyone. However, thanks to a bunch of celebrity moms, more and more pregnant women are consuming their placenta. Before you sign up to take your placenta home and eat it, there are a few things you should know. The placenta is an organ and is essential to your babies life while in the womb. The placenta filters nutrients to your baby and protects your baby from harmful bacteria. In most cases, a woman delivers the placenta after she gives birth and the hospital discards it.

Why consume it?

Most people consume the placenta because they believe that it is still packed with nutrients. People that consume the placenta believe that those nutrients are beneficial to their body postpartum. Most mammals eat the placenta after they give birth so supporters of placenta consumption believe that humans would eat it if we were still living in the wild.Women who believe in eating the placenta do so for many reasons. They believe it will boost their milk supply. They believe it helps prevent postpartum depression and they believe it gives the new mom energy. There is no scientific data that supports these benefits however.

Is it harmful?

At this point in time there have been no studies that weigh the benefits or risks of eating the placenta. Most medical professionals believe that any perceived benefits one gets from consuming their placenta are do to the placebo effect. Critics of placenta consumption worry that doing so could pose a potential health risk. This is because the placenta acts as a filter in the body and could be filled with harmful bacteria.

Again, there is no research that says it is, or is not safe to consume your placenta. If you are interested in consuming your placenta you should consult your doctor or midwife.

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  • Dan Canfield
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