3 Famous Actresses Who Swear By This Product To Slim Down After Pregnancy


How do celebrity moms getting their figure back in shape so quickly after giving birth? Sure they have their own personal trainers, but they also have a secret that is more attainable than you might think. It is called the Belly Bandit. The Belly Bandit is one of Hollywoods best-kept secrets.

So, what is the Belly Bandit? The Belly Bandit is a compression garment that helps shrink the waist line and hips immediately after pregnancy. 

Actress Ali Landry is a huge fan of the Belly Bandit. She used the Belly Bandit to return to her pre-pregancy figure after her first two children, plus she is a huge fan of the Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Nursing tank top that supports the upper body while breast-feeding.

Holly Madison was also a huge fan of the Mother Tucker tank top after the birth of her daughter Rainbow. Holly considered the tank a wardrobe staple and wore it with leggings and skirts.

Compression garments like the Belly Bandit don’t just make you look skinnier, they can help minimize stretch marks and helps to reduce bloating and swelling.

Actress Melissa Joan Hart credits the Belly Bandit with helping her return her hips to their normal size. She also says the Belly Bandit helped with digestion and says that the band helped improve her posture and strengthen her core.

The Belly Bandit also has created “The Organic by Rosie Pope” which is a limited edition pink version of their famous product where all proceeds from the product goes to support breast cancer awareness. 

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  • Dan Canfield
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