5 Strategies For Calming Your Baby


1.10- to 15-minute massage:  Run your fingers across your infant’s skin using moderate pressure, use synthetic oils, as some infants are allergic to nut oils.

2. Motion: Rocking in a chair or swing often helps to calm a baby, but pay attention to your child’s cues. For some little ones, the motion of a vibrating chair or bouncy swing can actually be overstimulating.Also try dancing with your infant, taking a walk in the stroller, or the going for the almost-fail-proof drive around the block.

3. Sound: Babies love soothing sounds, especially heartbeats.Cradle her close to your chest so she can hear your heart as she did in the womb.Seek out a machine that plays “white noise” or has nature sounds like ocean waves. Sing lullabies or put on a mellow CD to lull your baby to sleep.

4. Sucking: Babies find comfort in sucking. Ultrasound pictures have even shown fetuses sucking their thumbs while in the womb. Whether you opt for pacifier, your finger, or a teething toy, all can work wonders in settling baby down.

5. Swaddling: Snugly wrapping a baby in a blanket is an age-old technique. The slight pressure the swaddle creates around the baby’s body provides a sense of security, because it mirrors the security she felt in utero. For some babies, just the act of wrapping a blanket around them becomes the trigger f or relaxation. To swaddle, spread out a thin receiving blanket, then fold one corner over a few inches. Lay baby face up on the blanket with her neck resting against the fold. Wrap the left corner around and tuck it beneath her right side. Bring the bottom corner over her feet, then wrap the right corner around her, leaving her head and neck exposed so she doesn’t overheat or suffocate.You may find that your baby busts out of this simple swaddle. If so, try using two thin blankets or a special swaddling blanket with Velcro tabs.

Nancy Duncan Pregnancy Magazine 

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