7 VERY Helpful Tips To Get Your Baby To Sleep


1. Get your baby used to ordinary noises when they’re sleeping so it will not restrict your activities. Some examples include use of the dishwasher, washer-dryer machines, and blow drying your hair, so that you may do them whenever you need to.

2.If you need to change the diaper at night, using cold wipes may arouse your baby. Try to use warm wash cloths or sheets. How about using large cotton balls lightly soaked in lukewarm water to use as “wipees”.

3.When your baby starts to rub their eyes, yawns, or looks away, your baby is showing signs of being ready for sleep. Help them fall asleep on their own, and comfort them as they momentarily wake up during their sleep.

4.Try putting your baby down and gently pat his back, butt or belly to get your baby to fall asleep. It is an alternative to rocking your baby to sleep and laying them down, just to have them wake up and start all over again.

5.Some babies may go through a separation anxiety (a normal part of development which occurs about 6 months of age), but babies do not understand that separation is temporary. Try to avoid overstimulation and activity before bedtime and tuck your baby into bed when they start getting drowsy, but before they start falling asleep. Try to avoid taking the baby out of their bed when awaken during the night. Comfort and reassure your baby by patting and soothing

6.If there is a new pattern of your baby being unable to stay asleep, crying when you leave the room, or refusing to go to sleep without a parent close by, do consult your Pediatrician, for it may be a sleep problem which can occur with illness.

7.There is a plethora of tips on how to get your baby to sleep; do remember that YOUR BABY IS A UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL, try not to compare your baby with other babies or be influenced mainly on what you read…Mother knows best!



Contributed by: Bambi Guerrero, RN, BSN, PHN on 1st Parents

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