5 Crazy Pregnancy Myths Debunked


Once pregnant, you will hear the craziest pregnancy myths you can imagine. People will tell you that more babies are born during a full moon, or that if you have heartburn your baby will have a full head of hair (which can sometimes be true), so how do you know what is actually true and what is a myth? We have evaluated the most common pregnancy myths and will tell you the truth behind each one.

More Babies are Born During a Full Moon

There is no truth to this myth. Plain and simple, this is a full on myth.

Rough Up Your Nipples Before You Breastfeed

Many women that breastfeed believe this. Women tell other women to rough up their nipples with wash cloths, toothbrushes and even sand paper. This is a myth. There is no evidence to support this helping with breastfeeding at all. In fact, this may cause cracking of the nipple which can be painful.

Heartburn Means a Full Head of Hair

This is one of the most widely spread rumors associated with pregnancy. Studies have actually shown that there may be a link between heartburn and a red hair baby, however, nothing has proved it yet, but it hasn’t been unproven either.

Women Pregnant in Summer Have Taller Babies

This one could be true. Women in the summer may be exposed to more sunshine and thus absorb more vitamin D than women who are pregnant in the winter. A study showed that babies born to women that were pregnant in the summer were a 1/4 inch longer than babies born to women who were pregnant in the winter.

Pregnancy Makes Your Feet Grow

Fifty percent of all pregnant women will experience foot growth with their pregnancy. Your feet bones don’t actually grow, the ligaments in the feet relax, causing feet to become bigger

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  • Dan Canfield
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