3 Ways To Not Get Upset When Naming Your Baby.


Picking your baby’s name can be a tricky process. You take your time picking the perfect name only to have someone close to you steal the name you selected for your baby. How do you protect your baby’ name from claiming it for their own? The following advice will help keep the name you spent your hard time selecting for your own.

Family Members

You don’t have to live close to your family members to dream up the same name. After all, great minds think alike. If you find out that your cousin across the country likes the same name you are picking for your little one, look at it as a positive instead of a negative. If you don’t see each other often, your kids having the same name can be a bonding point instead at family events.


You spent a lot of time picking the perfect name for your baby only to find out your co-worker has selected the same name as you. Before you go back to the drawing board, ask yourself how often you spend time with this co-worker outside the office. Chances are you won’t be crossing paths all that often. Tell your co-worker you selected the same name for your baby. You never know, once she knows you are planning on using the same name, she may change her mind and select a new one.


Your best friend has her heart set on a name that you love equally as much as her. If you don’t plan on selecting a new name you may have to accept that your friend might be just a little upset. Explain how important the name is to you and listen to her feelings on the situation.  

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  • Dan Canfield
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