Keeping the Romance Alive- How to Keep Date Nights With Your Partner When You Have A Baby


Parenting can be an exciting, life changing event. At first, it was just you and your partner, now there is a little one or little ones added to the mix. You may have given up nights of wine tasting and dancing in exchange for diaper changes and night feedings. Your idea of dressing up may have changed to being showered and in clean pajamas. The role of parenting has taken over and somewhere along the way you forgot what it was like to be lovers. This is why date nights with your partner is so important! Just because you are a parent now does not mean that you have to ignore your needs as a couple. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too!   So you may wondering how can you start dating your partner again as well as making sure that you maintain your date nights. In this article, we will help you figure that out. 

One, is remember what you liked to do as a couple before you started having children. For some couples, they get so lost in parenting that they may forget their own likes and wants.  Even just reminiscing over the good times, can help parents warm up to dating each other again.

Secondly, parents can warm up to dating each other again. Some parents may experience guilt for leaving their baby alone with a sitter or care provider. Warming up to dating each other again can make a marked difference in your relationship. You and your partner can do things such as dancing together to your favorite song while dinner is cooking. You can dress up and eat a special cooked meal or delivered meal by candlelight with a nice beverage. Taking walks together is also a pleasant idea. Making sure to keep this up on a regular basis, will make it something for you and your partner to look forward to.

When you are ready to spend a little more time away from your baby/children, you can take the time to find a good babysitter or other care provider. Schedule date nights every two weeks or so, or as you feel comfortable. Be sure to change up the venue to make sure it stays spicy between you and your partner. You both can take turns choosing what you want to do together. If both you and your partner work similar hours, you can also try to take your lunch break at the same time, and have lunch together. You can also take time to walk or enjoy nature a bit, depending on how long your lunch break is. You can take time after work to enjoy happy hour or dinner together. This is a good idea especially if you have help with your children while you work or after work. Just be sure to let your child's care provider in advance so that you can make sure you have the time you need.

These are just some of the ways that you can spend time together and rekindle your romance. Always remember just because you started being parents doesn't mean you have to stop being lovers.




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  • Dan Canfield
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