Summer activities for toddlers


So now that summer is here to stay, it is a good time to take you and your little ones outside to get fresh air and play. You may wonder what kind of activities you can do to make outside time with your little ones more enjoyable. In this article, we will assist you by suggesting some wonderful summer activities for toddlers!

One is letting them help tend to plants. This can be done by simply giving them a small watering can full of water that they can handle. You can then take them to plants that you have outside and allow them to water them. As they do this you can tell them how important it is for them to take care of the plants. Toddlers can also be told why water is important for plants to grow.

Another great activity is to do color identification. You can do this activity with different flowers, plants, or other things found outside. For example you can have them point to all things that are red. Touch things (that are safe of course to touch) that are green, or dance when they see something blue. In this way your toddler can learn about all the different colors.

Mud art is a fun activity for toddlers as well. This is one of those activities you may want to do when it is bath night. You can wet some soil and have your toddlers place their hands and/or feet in it. They can then place their hands and/or feet on a sheet of heavy duty paper to make prints. Then it can be allowed to dry outside. If possible, you can find a way to preserve them for family memories.

Bubble catching is another fun activity. You can blow bubbles towards your toddler and try to get him or her to catch and pop them. Then you can switch places with your toddler and then have them blow the bubbles. This will delight them as they see you trying to catch and pop bubbles that they blow.

Jumping games are also fun. You can take a bunch of hula hoops and place them in a straight line or a fun pattern. You can ask your toddler to try to jump into each hoop. You can also do this by drawing different colored chalk circles on the driveway or sidewalk and have them jump onto them. For an extra learning experience you can draw letters on the circles, and have them yell each letter as they jump.

These are just some of the fun activities that you can do outside with your toddler this summer. Be sure to always keep an eye on your toddler. Never leave them unattended for even a moment. Sunscreen is always a great idea. Also keep plenty of water on standby just in case your little one gets a little parched from having so much fun.

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