Vacationing while pregnant


Going on vacation while pregnant seems to be a hot new trend amongst expectant couples. It is often a time for couples to reinforce their bond and relax. Couples also use it as time to enjoy life before the demands of a newborn baby take over. These vacations are commonly known as baby-moons.

If you are thinking about taking a baby-moon, it is a good idea to consult with your prenatal care provider first. In this way you can discuss any health concerns or other questions you may have. For example you and your care provider may want to discuss any risks for preterm labor. Other complications may discussed such as blood pressure, condition of cervix, placenta etc. Your health care provider may also want to know your mode of travel, where you are going and how long your vacation will be. If you are taking a trip abroad your care provider may have to give you vaccinations or other preventative care due to certain illnesses in other countries. Your care provider may provide you with a copy of your medical history, and prescriptions to take with you just in case you need medical attention.

When packing your clothes for your baby-moon, make sure that you pack comfortable clothing. Comfortable clothing and proper shoes can make your trip enjoyable. Be sure to pack sun protection, especially if heading off to a tropical paradise. Packing your pregnancy pillow may also be a good choice, especially if you are quite far along in your pregnancy. Small pillows to provide comfort during long travels can also be beneficial. If possible, get out to stretch your legs often if travelling by car, train or bus.While traveling, be sure to keep yourself hydrated and eat well. This can help you to stay comfortable and energized while on your trip.

Be sure to plan a vacation that is relaxing and not too tiring. Once the baby comes there will be many a sleepless nights. Try to book prenatal massages and salon visits if possible. If traveling with your partner, find activities that can deepen the relationship and bonding between the two of you. Fine dining and light dancing is always nice as well. If traveling overseas, make sure that your fine cuisine is pregnancy safe. If you aren’t sure, don’t be afraid to ask. Better to be safe than sorry. While on vacation, instead of packing your days full of activities, be sure to also make sure you get enough time to rest.

Be sure to keep a charged cell phone and medical records on you as well. This will help you in case of medical emergency while pregnant. If you need to call your doctor, having your doctor’s number on hand will be of great assistance. Having medical records on hand in the case that you will need medical services, will help your medical care to be administered in the right manner.

Taking a vacation while pregnant with or without a partner is a great way to relax and get ready for the joy of motherhood.

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