What to know about summer maternity clothing


Summer is officially here! This means that light, flirty and very feminine styles are in. Gone are the heavy winter coats, sweaters and boots. Before, maternity wear used to mean wearing big frumpy clothes, however nowadays you can be pregnant and fashionable. Most if not all retailers provide clothes that can keep a woman looking great. There are different yet fashionable Summer clothes that can be worn at any phase of your pregnancy. However, choosing the right pieces on your stage of pregnancy can be a bit of a trial and error.

                  For example, in the first trimester, you may want to conceal your pregnancy for a little bit. Some moms do not want to reveal their pregnancy until they are a little ways into their second trimester. Some moms are also not quite ready for maternity wear, but their clothes may feel too snug. In these cases there are a few things that can be done. Nice, lightweight tunics are comfortable, and can hide a growing belly. Beautiful dresses that flow gracefully over the body are also a great option. Spandex and Lycra tank tops and pants with slimming panels are a great addition to a new mom to be’s wardrobe. Garments made from this type of fabric can help to make your tummy and breasts look slimmer. Soft knit fabrics, A-line skirts, and wrap dresses are also camouflaging. If you still have a favorite pair of pants or skirt that you still want to wear, but are too tight due to a new pregnancy, there is an option for that as well. If you still want to wear your favorite bottoms, try using a band that can go over the top that will hold your pants or skirt in place without you having to button.

                  In your second trimester, you and your belly will grow faster. Your breasts may become even bigger, and you will more than likely have no choice but to wear maternity clothes. The same type of material that is recommended in the first trimester, you can wear in the second. You may want to show off your new pregnancy curves, and cute wrap style dresses are perfect for doing this. They are also classy enough to be worn at the work place. Boot cut pants are also a nice addition to a pregnant woman’s wardrobe at this stage. They complement the shape of the pregnant woman while at the same time being very stylish.

                  In the third trimester, being comfortable is key. A pregnant woman is usually more than ready for their pregnancy to be over with. Comfortable Summer maxi dresses and/or skirts are wonderful for those in their third trimester. Leggings with a beautiful tunic top is a stylish yet comfortable option for those in their third trimester. If you feel bored with your clothing, cool and stylish accessories such are scarves and earrings and other items can spruce you up. Mixing and matching colors can also add a fresh change.

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