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Awesome App to check out!

For all of you, pregnant mommies, who want to check your baby's birth weight beforehand, there's an app for that! WeightAtBirth uses two distinct methods to predict your baby's weight at birth. The app's prediction methods are based on published scientific/medical research - references included in the app. The first method, uses simple maternal height and weight measurements during pregnancy, and allows to predict the baby's weight at birth, any time after pregnancy week 37. The second method combines simple measurements with ultrasound measurements of the fetal weight and allows to obtain predictions starting with pregnancy week 28.

Besides the prediction of the baby's birth weight the app issues the estimated percentile for the baby's birth weight. Weight percentiles give you an indication of how does your baby's birth weight compare with other birth weights for similar maternal, and pregnancy conditions.  
The app is available for download at: 
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